Looking to save money in your daily operation? Technology will help, but it starts with changing driver habits.

There is no question that drivers must do what they can to reduce the duration of door openings through both improved technology and an awareness of their routine behaviour when loading and unloading.

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BlueSeal air curtains – essential Cleantech for refrigerated transport

The products of effective cleantech for refrigerated transport are no longer the stuff of environmental idealism, but a means to strive towards an efficient and affordable supply chain against an increasingly overwhelming dependence on fossil fuels.

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figure 2Verschwendet Ihr Kühlfahrzeug ohne Temperaturbarriere Geld?

Ziel dieser Studie ist es, den durch Türöffnungen entstehenden zusätzlichen Bedarf an Kühlenergie zu quantifizieren und den zusätzlichen Verbrauch von Kraftstoff in einem temperaturgeführten Fahrzeug ohne Temperaturbarriere abzuschätzen. Wie wichtig ist es für Sie als Spediteur, in eine effektive Klimatisierung Ihrer Fahrzeuge zu investieren?

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BlueSeal – die Extrameile für Elektro-Kühltransporter dank der Vermeidung von Energieverlusten

Die Entwicklung vollelektrischer Kühlfahrzeuge hat diesen Jahr einen großen Sprung nach vorn gemacht. Diskussionen drehen sich jedoch weiterhin um eine längere Batterielebensdauer und leichtere Fahrzeuge. Daher stellt Brightec die Frage, ob Hersteller genug tun, um den Energieverlust bei Elektro-Kühltransportern während der Türöffnungen zu kontrollieren?

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Reduzierung der Infiltrationslast bei Kühltransporten

Tests haben gezeigt, dass BlueSeal Luftschleier circa 30-45% der Infiltrationslast reduzieren können, was zu einer erheblichen Senkung der Gesamtwärmebelastung führt. Und das wiederum verringert den CO2-Fußabdruck und die Kraftstoffkosten von Kühltransporten...

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How BlueSeal air curtains can help transport your pharmaceuticals safely

One of the biggest risk factors in transporting pharmaceuticals is the temperature change products face during transit. Maintaining a controlled temperature chain is critical in transporting pharmaceuticals, many of which must be kept within very strict temperature limits to avoid affecting the chemical stability of products.

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The advantage of the BlueSeal air curtain in a vehicle with two and three rear doors

In this simulation experiment we are examining the effectiveness of BlueSeal where goods will be exposed to varying levels of outside temperature when different combinations of rear doors are opened. For three examples we are considering situations where goods will be loaded/unloaded from vehicles in a 7.5 metre truck to test how BlueSeal’s performance differs in a real-world scenario.

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The origin of BlueSeal air curtains for transport

In this blog, Brightec founder Hans Opdam discusses the research project that led to the development of commercial vehicle air curtains during his time at Econcern, a now defunct company specialising in renewable energies. This became the working model for BlueSeal® air curtains.

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Do smaller vehicles like vans benefit from BlueSeal air curtains?

Typically, temperature-controlled vans have suffered from the same difficulties with maintaining a strong internal temperature in cargo bays as their larger counterparts, with the cause of most energy loss occurring when cargo doors are opened.

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Creating the most effective climate barrier: how higher air speeds are counterproductive for air curtains

Creating the most efficient airflow for vehicle air curtains is a subject shrouded in misconceptions that is a little more complicated than one might assume. For example, you would intuitively assume that a higher speed of air flow would improve the performance of an air curtain. In actual fact, when the speed of the air flow is too high, the performance of an air curtain drops.

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Brunel University puts BlueSeal to the test

Vehicle air curtain manufacturer Brightec has welcomed putting its industry leading product BlueSeal to the test in a project by the Centre for Sustainable Energy use in Food chains (CSEF) at Brunel University.

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pvc vs air curtainsAre BlueSeal air curtains more effective than PVC curtains? A comparative study in trucks

Brightec were tasked with comparing the effectiveness of BlueSeal air curtains against PVC strips to understand the benefits of switching to this method of climate control.

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