Frequently Asked Questions

Brightec are happy to answer any questions you have about our product and provide any assistance you might need. Here are a few common questions about BlueSeal that you might have.

Which lengths of air curtains are available for purchase?

We produce air curtains with lengths varying from 800mm to 2,430mm, in increments of 10mm.

Do air curtains fit in vehicles with roll-up doors?

Yes, we have a special mounting system for vehicles with roll-up doors. Please contact us for more information.

air curtain shutter door

Can BlueSeal air curtains be installed above a side door?

Yes, the BlueSeal air curtain can definitely be installed above side doors as the 3D picture below shows. In this case the air curtain draws in inside air. The mounting plate (blue) is designed in such a way that the air curtain can be fixated to the ceiling and the wall. The connection cable can be positioned on the front side (as in the picture) or on the side of the air curtain.

Rideau d'air porte latérale

What is the warranty on BlueSeal air curtains?

BlueSeal air curtains have proven themselves as very durable and sustainable, so with great confidence we give a 2-year warranty on the product.

If one of the fans malfunctions, can I replace it myself?

It rarely occurs that a fan malfunctions. But in the unfortunate event it does happen, we’ll send you a replacement fan a.s.a.p. The air curtain can be opened easily and a new fan installed in a few minutes.

We use 12V dc batteries in our vehicle, can I get a 24V dc air curtain to work?

Yes, we manufacture both 12V and 24V versions of the air curtain

What is the typical shipping lead time of the air curtains?

The BlueSeal air curtain typically ships in 3-4 weeks.

As an end-user, can we install the air curtains ourselves?

In general, yes, it is easy to install the air curtain. However, it may be convenient to let your vehicle builder install the air curtain. They’ll know how to properly install the device.

What is the best way to connect the air curtain in order for it to switch on immediately when the doors are opened?
  • Tailgate or roll-up doors: If the vehicle has a tailgate or shutter door, it is easiest to connect the air curtain to the tailgate or shutter door, in such a way that when operated the air curtain switches on automatically.
  • Swing doors, no tailgate: We would recommend using a magnetic door switch in such a way that when (one of) the swing doors are opened, the air curtain switches on automatically.
What is the maximum inner height of the vehicle for the air curtain to be effective?
  • BlueSeal original: ca. 2.80m
Where can I find information on the performance of the BlueSeal air curtain?

We have made an overview of several tests done at customers, in which the performance of the air curtain is shown. Or you could have a look at the informative video.

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