Built upon our roots in physics and energy technology

Company description

Brightec, founded in 2010, is an innovative company built upon our roots in physics and energy technology. We have a long track record in the research and development of environmentally friendly, energy saving and sustainable energy solutions. Our mission statement is to create breakthrough technologies in the field of temperature controlled road transport.

Our first solution tackles a common problem in temperature controlled transport: keeping the cold chain intact. The BlueSeal air curtain does just that, being substantially more ingenious and energy efficient than its alternatives. BlueSeal is an innovative air curtain that creates an effective barrier between the air temperature in the vehicle and the ambient air temperature.

What we stand for

We are driven by global climate change and the exhaustibility of fossil fuels.

We are a front-runner company that aims to create breakthrough technologies in the temperature controlled transport sector, and we are committed to commercializing these technologies.

We recognize that we are only able to commit ourselves to our vision in close co-operation with colleague companies.

Our strategy

We deliver knowledge-based products and systems. Our main business is the creation of ideas, turning them into prototypes and bringing them into the market. In the development process, we co-operate with relevant end users to keep the focus on market demand. We operate in a network of knowledge-based companies, skill-based companies and knowledge institutes.

The BlueSeal Original air curtain is PIEK certified. All BlueSeal air curtains operate below 60dB


BlueSeal air curtains are protected by several patents





The History of Brightec

Dr Hans Opdam

Founder / CEO

Hans has a long track record in research, system development and corporate strategy.

Tom Opdam

Business Developer

Tom has a background in Physics and ample experience in corporate environments.

Joe Beech

Marketing Manager

Joe previously managed marketing and PR for commercial bodybuilders and vehicle technology companies.

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Our skills

Creating Ideas

Finding Solutions

Research & Development


Commercializing ideas through partnerships