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Brakes Foodservice are a leading foodservice company that value sustainable transport at the heart of our daily operation. That’s why we are delighted to equip BlueSeal air curtains to keep refrigerated air inside our vehicles during loading and unloading. This helps to keep our produce fresh during deliveries, while reducing the carbon emissions from our vehicles by reducing the energy needed to keep the trailer at the right temperature.

Brakes Foodservice, Head of Fleet

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“Being responsible for a fleet of 70 vehicles for a cold food distribution company for 12 years, I know BlueSeal air curtains well and have been working with Brightec since 2014. We are very satisfied with their products, we currently have around twenty carriers equipped with this air curtain. For our drivers who practice urban distribution, the use of an air curtain is undoubtedly the best solution compared to strip curtains. Classic strip curtains age poorly over time, do not last, end up torn and can also be dangerous for users in terms of visibility during loading and unloading operations. In addition, the use of a BlueSeal air curtain allows perfect temperature maintenance inside the refrigerated body when the doors are opened. We have much less temperature loss inside. Finally, the BlueSeal air curtain is very practical because it is triggered automatically when the doors open.”

Transgourmet, Fleet Manager

“… we tested the BlueSeal air curtain against electric curtains [red. electric PVC slide curtains] and we found that the BlueSeal air curtain is as effective as the electric curtains in terms of maintaining the cold chain. The air curtain is much more convenient for the driver and less fragile and the cost of the investment is lower. Another great advantage of the BlueSeal curtain is that the cost of maintenance is zero compared to the high maintenance cost of the electric curtains (due to high wear). So, we decided to equip all of our new trucks with BlueSeal air curtains and to replace as the electric curtains which have become obsolete.”

La Provencale, Managing Director

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“BidFood NL has been using BlueSeal air curtains for more than 5 years. During our distribution runs with many drops, the BlueSeal is able to maintain the desired temperature in the cargo area.

“Our drivers are very satisfied with the BlueSeal air curtains. The BlueSeal creates a virtual door through which the driver can load and unload without any physical hindrance.”

BidFood NL Fleet manager

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“With the air curtain, the cargo area remains at the desired low temperature during and after multiple drops, and less humid air is also introduced. A temperature-sensitive product such as the avocado quickly discolours with temperature fluctuations. With an air curtain above the door opening, the products are better protected, so that the avocados, for example, discolour less quickly. “

Miedema AGF – CEO

Rideau d'air Star Service

“The BlueSeal air curtain will provide an optimal climate barrier between cold indoor air and hot outdoor air. This will help fight effectively against energy loss caused by frequent door openings. “


“Maintaining the correct temperatures during food deliveries is something of utmost importance within our supply chain and something that is often a challenge during warmer weather conditions. Our vehicles make frequent stops during their delivery routes and the time to unload products affects the internal loadspace temperature. Traditionally we have used PVC strip curtains, these curtains are also very difficult to clean. We have seen an increase in temperature retention by up to 20%, [the air curtain] is now an essential tool within our refrigerated vehicles and supply chain.”

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