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Air curtains for temperature controlled transport

Brightec’s innovative BlueSeal air curtains are perfect for temperature controlled transport, designed to keep the cold or heat inside your vehicle.

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  Better performing alternative to PVC strip curtains
  Effective, hygienic and invisible climate separation
  Reduces fuel costs of cooling/heating unit
  Better preservation of temperature-sensitive products
  Easy to install in any temperature controlled vehicle
  Comfortable and safe working conditions for the driver when loading

Maintain temperature zones
BlueSeal keeps the winter cold and summer heat out of the cargo space

Easy installation
Installation is easy with our click-to-mount system

Small dimensions
The height of the air curtain is just 127mm, leaving plenty of space to (un)load cargo

Fits everywhere
BlueSeal fits in all types of road transport vehicles; trailers, box trucks, vans (incl. vehicles with roll-up doors)

Reduction of fuel
By saving ca. 30% cooling fuel, the payback period can be as short as 8 months

Effective barrier
BlueSeal keeps insects, dust, smoke, exhaust gases and bad odors out of your vehicle

Comfortable & safe
BlueSeal offers a comfortable and safe solution. Drivers are not hindered by annoying door obstruction while (un)loading

No noise
BlueSeal is PIEK certified, meaning that it operates under 60dB

With an air curtain above the door opening, the products are better protected, so that the avocados, for example, discolour less quickly.

Miedema AGF - CEO

BidFood NL has been using BlueSeal air curtains for more than 5 years. During our distribution runs with multiple drops, the BlueSeal is able to maintain the desired temperature in the cargo area. Our drivers are very satisfied with the BlueSeal air curtains.

BidFood NL, Fleet Manager

The air curtain is much more convenient for the driver, less fragile and the cost of the investment is lower. The cost of maintenance is zero compared to the high maintenance cost of electric PVC curtains.

La Provencale, Managing Director

We have seen an increase in temperature retention by up to 20%. An essential tool within our refrigerated vehicles and supply chain.

UK speciality food & drink wholesale company

Our valued customers & partners


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The origin of BlueSeal air curtains for transport

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BlueSeal featured across Solutrans 2019

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Brightec, founded in 2010, is an innovative company built upon our roots in physics and energy technology.

Dutch design & engineering

Our patent protected BlueSeal air curtain is designed, engineered and assembled in the Netherlands. Quality guaranteed! Although made in a tiny country, its reach is big; the BlueSeal air curtain ships worldwide.

Building a sustainable future

Brightec, founded in 2010, is built upon our roots in physics and energy technology. We have a long track record in the research and development of environmentally friendly, energy saving and sustainable energy solutions.

Tailor-made solutions

We know that every temperature controlled vehicle has its own configuration and that the need for tailor-made solutions is the rule rather than the exception. We gladly advise you on the optimal placement of an air curtain in your vehicle.

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