BlueSeal air curtains returned to IAA Transportation in Hannover this year, installed in the vehicles of top temperature-controlled vehicle manufacturer Lamberet. During our visit to the show, we were impressed with the many advancements in the commercial transport sector, with electric and zero-emission vehicles remaining centre stage for visitors looking towards the future of sustainable transport.

We were particularly delighted to see the return of Lamberet’s SR2 Electrique Rechargeable semi-trailer that is leading the pack in the latest generation of zero-emission temperature controlled vehicles. Featuring a custom-built integrated shutter door air curtain which we designed and built in partnership with Lamberet, the SR2 has become one of the flagship models in their impressive range of refrigerated utility vehicles that has features a range of premium innovations cold chain operators.

Also featured on the Lamberet stand, a duel compartment rigid body for Transgourmet with two BlueSeal air curtains to help maintain separate temperatures over both roll-up and swing doors. Transgourmet are leaders in the foodservice industry across Europe and as such require a high calibre of vehicles to ensure that food arrives fresh at their final destination.