The Commercial Vehicle Show returned to Birmingham NEC to showcase the latest innovations in the transport and supply chain sector. Electric heavy vehicles remained high on the agenda with manufacturers unveiling their next generation of zero-emission vehicles across the three day event. Experts from logistics and technology punctuated the show with keynote talks on fleet decarbonisation, safety and compliance and embracing new technologies in the sector.

The Cool Chain Sector returned to the CV show, hosting a bounty of temperature-controlled vehicles featuring the latest energy saving technologies presented by Gray & Adams, Solomon Commercials and Paneltex. We were particularly delighted to get up close and personal with the vehicles exhibited on the Gray & Adams stand including a refrigerated box trailer and temp-controlled rigid for Gist, both featuring BlueSeal air curtains above shutter doors. This is a stunning example of their latest generation of temp-controlled box trucks that are a staple of the foodservice industry.

Feedback from our clients was highly positive across the show. A common remark we hear is that companies that have started using BlueSeal haven’t looked back and insist on including them on future vehicle specifications. We were delighted to hear that the air curtains had also been exceptionally well received by drivers as their preferred option of cargo temperature control.

As much as we enjoyed seeing the vehicles on show, our proudest moment took place as we stepped outside the venue. Wearing distinctive Starbucks livery, one of Gray & Adams’ latest refrigerated trucks pulled up to make a delivery, opening its shutters to reveal BlueSeal air curtains. While it is getting increasingly commonplace to see BlueSeal being used out in the real world, it was a joy to see our air curtains being used in their natural habitat by the coffee giant.

We took this as an opportunity to ask the driver about his experience making deliveries with air curtains (as we tend to do when we see BlueSeal out in the world).

“Oh it’s great. It does the job well, just keeps it cool!”, he remarked, as we stood and watched the driver load trolleys into the back of the vehicle.

We often see drivers manoeuvre goods awkwardly through PVC curtains or move them to one side during these sorts of deliveries so it was a truly humbling experience to see BlueSeal making deliveries easier for the driver on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks to the organisers of the Commercial Vehicle Show 2022 for another fantastic event and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for this fast evolving sector in coming years.