Alerts drivers to the time doors are open, leading to greater fuel and product preservation.

Allows for direct connection to vehicle battery, making BlueSeal a truly Plug & Play Device.

LED display and control module, designed to alert users to the time that doors are open, encouraging drivers to minimise the duration of door openings to ensure that goods are not compromised and reducing cooling fuel consumption.

BlueControl also makes BlueSeal a plug and play device by connecting directly to the vehicle’s battery. Units feature an integrated light sensor with options for magnetic and infra red sensors to detect door openings in every possible situation. BlueControl features an integrated battery guard to ensure units will switch off when the battery drops below a certain point, set by the user.

Key features :

  • Integrated light sensor to detect door openings – An external (magnetic) door switch can also be connected 

  • Integrated timer function – BlueSeal switches off automatically after a time set by the user

  • Integrated battery guard – BlueSeal switches off automatically if the battery voltage drops below a certain level (set by the user)

bluecontrol custom size


Encourages drivers to minimise door openings to ensure goods are not compromised


BlueControl connects directly to the vehicle’s battery, making this a truly plug-and-play device


Features a range of programmable options that can be set by the operator


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Coming soon | BlueSmart offers the most advanced cargo temperature control yet by regulating air flow based on the temperature differences between inside and outside air and other parameters. This allows the air curtain to always operate at an optimum efficiency at all times. BlueSmart is designed to be connected as an add-on to existing BlueControl units with no extra modifications and evolves the concept of BlueSeal to aid a self-regulating cargo temperature based on the conditions the vehicle is operating in. Contact BlueSeal now for more information

How BlueSeal works

installez rideau d'air

BlueSeal can be installed with ease on any new or existing vehicle, using a click-system fixed to a mounting plate on the ceiling of the vehicle. These can be fitted above rear loading doors as well as side doors and can be built to your specification.

rideaux d'air véhicule réfrigéré

During loading/unloading BlueSeal is activated automatically. Outside air is sucked in by BlueSeal and converted into a vertical air curtain that separates the cold inside the trailer from the ambient (hotter) temperature outside the vehicle. Insects, dust and humid air are also prevented from entering the vehicle.

blueseal air flow

Cold air is kept in the interior of the vehicle during door openings, maintaining the integrity of temperature controlled goods. The temperature in the cargo space rises significantly slower with an air curtain during door openings than PVC strips.


Key figures :


saving on cooling energy

month payback period

featured on vehicles in more than 33 countries worldwide

LENGTH 800 mm – 2,430 mm (in increments of 10 mm)

HEIGHT127 mm

DEPTH149 mm

WEIGHT12.8 kg (5.3 kg per metre)

NOISE LEVEL< 60 dB (PIEK certified)

POWER120 W (50 W per meter)

AIR FLOW36 m3 / min. (15 m3 / min. per metre)









Maintain temperature zones
BlueSeal keeps the winter cold and summer heat out of the cargo space

Easy installation
Installation is easy with our click-to-mount system

Small dimensions
The height of the air curtain is just 127mm, leaving plenty of space to (un)load cargo

Fits everywhere
BlueSeal fits in all types of road transport vehicles; trailers, box trucks, vans (incl. vehicles with roll-up doors)

Reduction of fuel
By saving ca. 30% cooling fuel, the payback period can be as short as 8 months

Effective barrier
BlueSeal keeps insects, dust, smoke, exhaust gases and bad odors out of your vehicle

Comfortable & safe
BlueSeal offers a comfortable and safe solution. Drivers are not hindered by annoying door obstruction while (un)loading

No noise
BlueSeal is PIEK certified, meaning that it operates under 60dB

Interested in what the benefits of the BlueSeal air curtain are for your fleet, or for your customers? Feel free to get in touch.

Some of our valued customers & partners

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Some of our valued customers & partners

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Brakes Foodservice are a leading foodservice company that value sustainable transport at the heart of our daily operation. That’s why we are delighted to equip BlueSeal air curtains to keep refrigerated air inside our vehicles during loading and unloading. This helps to keep our produce fresh during deliveries, while reducing the carbon emissions from our vehicles by reducing the energy needed to keep the trailer at the right temperature.

Brakes, Head of Fleet

… the use of a BlueSeal air curtain allows perfect temperature maintenance inside the refrigerated body when the doors are opened.

Transgourmet, Fleet Manager

With an air curtain above the door opening, the products are better protected, so that the avocados, for example, discolour less quickly.

Miedema AGF – CEO

BidFood NL has been using BlueSeal air curtains for more than 5 years. During our distribution runs with multiple drops, the BlueSeal is able to maintain the desired temperature in the cargo area. Our drivers are very satisfied with the BlueSeal air curtains.

BidFood NL, Fleet Manager

The air curtain is much more convenient for the driver, less fragile and the cost of the investment is lower. The cost of maintenance is zero compared to the high maintenance cost of electric PVC curtains.

La Provencale, Managing Director

We have seen an increase in temperature retention by up to 20%. An essential tool within our refrigerated vehicles and supply chain.

UK speciality food & drink wholesale company