For over a decade Brightec have helped companies to keep goods fresh during distribution with BlueSeal air curtains, an efficient and invisible climate barrier that prevents cold air from mixing with outside air during deliveries. This month Brightec are pleased to announce the next generation of BlueSeal air curtains featuring an integrated BlueControl unit which helps operators to more accurately monitor door openings that are the leading cause of temperature loss in refrigerated transport.

Studies have shown that transporting frozen goods at -20°C without a climate barrier increases fuel use by cooling units to several thousands of litres of Diesel a year. In the past this has been solved by PVC curtains which are becoming obsolete due to easily breaking and being moved to one side by drivers during deliveries. BlueSeal air curtains offer a solution that is free from contact with drivers and works in harmony with vehicles to reduce cooling energy use by 30-45% (according to the Centre for Sustainable Energy use in Food Chains, Brunel University), creating a more effective and environmentally friendly solution to cold chain management during distribution.

BlueControl features a range of developments to the existing model including an LED display which alerts users to the time that doors are open, encouraging drivers to minimise the duration of door openings to ensure that goods are not compromised and thereby reducing cooling fuel consumption.

The new units also feature an integrated light sensor and options for an external magnetic switch and infra-red sensor that help the unit to detect door openings in every possible situation.

The units also contains a timer function and is suitable for an input range of 10 – 28 volts. A test button directly indicates the battery voltage on the display.

Plug & play device

The BlueControl unit also makes installation easier for bodybuilders. The BlueSeal air curtain is connected directly to the vehicle’s battery making this a plug-and-play device that significantly reduces the installation time for vehicle manufacturers and convertors.

Vehicle battery life is now monitored with an integrated battery guard function that will switch the air curtain off when the voltage has dropped below a certain point set by the user. This prevents the possibility of battery drainage and ensures that BlueSeal could not hinder the vehicle’s ability to operate if doors are left open unnecessarily.

Brightec founder Hans Opdam says of these latest iterations, “we have always been confident of BlueSeal’s ability to control temperature loss in vehicles and shown through various independent tests that we have created the most effective means of climate control on the market. These new developments aren’t so much about fixing existing problems as ensuring that BlueSeal remains unmatched in its ability to offer the best protections to customers in a time when transporting temperature-controlled goods is such a critical part of our supply chain”.

The new units will be available from Summer from Brightec. Learn more about BlueSeal at or get in touch with Tom at [email protected].