Brightec have developed a bespoke air curtain for leading French commercial bodybuilder Lamberet to feature on their Distri + vehicle range. The new Distri+ models feature a 100% pneumatic and isothermal curtain model unveiled at Solutrans 2019. This latest version of the BlueSeal air curtain is the result of 12 months collaborative work with Lamberet’s R&D department and have been featured on around 60 trailers for French supermarket brand Intermarché in 2020.

Distri+ incorporates a BlueSeal air curtain which activates automatically during door openings, ensuring temperature is maintained in the cargo space during loading and unloading. Thanks to its integrated design, Distri+ offers an additional 25cm of headroom compared to a conventional configuration and can be opened and closed in 10 seconds using Lamberet’s double pneumatic cylinder.

Using an optimised and energy efficient air flow system, BlueSeal air curtains contribute to a greater efficiency of temperature-controlled distribution by creating a powerful climate barrier that protects goods from external temperatures.

Brightec founder Hans Opdam said of the project: “ We have really enjoyed working with the Lamberet R&D team to develop an air curtain for their Distri+ vehicles. We are proud to see our technology working in tandem with their exceptional design and build quality to create an all-in-one solution for climate control in the transport industry”.

Air curtains are gaining traction as the preferred solution for vehicle climate control and can ultimately increase the life of vehicle refrigeration units by limiting the energy use required to keep goods cool during door openings.

BlueSeal technology has been tested extensively as part of a project by the Center for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains (CSEF) at Brunel University in London, which concluded that savings of up to 45% could be made on trucks, and 30% for light vehicles.

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Lamberet Distri+ unveiled for the first time at Solutrans 2019

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