Brightec, the company behind BlueSeal® air curtains has moved towards a more sustainable method of production by replacing the aluminium used to make the units with Hydro REDUXA. This material requires significantly lower CO2 emissions than its counterparts and is produced using renewable energy from hydro, wind and solar power.

As a company with a mandate to lowering transport emissions through reducing energy use, Brightec have endeavoured to find the most environmentally friendly way to manufacture their units without compromising on the quality of the product. By producing BlueSeal® domestically in their home country of Hollandthe carbon footprint is already drastically leveraged over importing from overseas facilities and this change in material is the next step in their sustainable production goals.

Norwegian supplier, Hydro REDUXA has a maximum CO2 footprint of 4.0 kilograms of CO2 per kilogram of aluminium during its production, which is a quarter of the global average for producing the material.

Brightec founder Hans Opdam said of the initiative: “Since our inception, Brightec has been driven by global climate change and the exhaustibility of fossil fuels. It seems fitting as a product that was created to reduce emissions in refrigerated transport, that we do whatever we can to strive towards more sustainable methods of production. We were particularly impressed that Hydro REDUXA can offer an industry leading quality product with a drastically lower carbon footprint than other manufacturers, while remaining competitively priced.”

As the conversation around lowering emissions remains at the top of the agenda for many transporters, Brightec are proud to partner with a company with a commitment to using clean energy in their production and encourages other manufacturers to consider what they could be doing to offset their own carbon emissions.