Original air curtain for temperature controlled transport


Original air curtain for temperature controlled transport


Original air curtain for temperature controlled transport

Brightec’s innovative BlueSeal air curtains are perfected for temperature controlled road transport, designed to keep the cold or heat inside your vehicle.It keeps summer heat and winter cold out of your vehicle, effectively maintains
temperature zones in your vehicle and ensures product integrity. It is driver friendly,
installs easily and quietly provides a strong air barrier.
Maintain temperature zones
BlueSeal keeps the winter cold and summer heat out of the cargo space
Easy installation
Installation is easy with our click-to-mount system
Small dimensions
The height of the air curtain is just 127mm, leaving plenty of space to (un)load cargo
Fits everywhere
BlueSeal original fits in all types of road transport vehicles; trailers, box trucks, vans (incl. vehicles with roll-up doors)
Reduction of fuel
By saving ca. 30% cooling fuel, the payback period can be as short as 8 months
Effective barrier
BlueSeal keeps insects, dust, smoke, exhaust gases and bad odors out of your vehicle
Comfortable & safe
BlueSeal offers a comfortable and safe solution. Drivers are not hindered by annoying door obstruction while (un)loading
No noise
BlueSeal is PIEK certified, meaning that it operates under 60dB
Some key figures:


Reduce diesel cooling fuel consumption by ca. 30%

Payback period can be as short as 8 months

BlueSeal air curtains are traveling the world and are currently installed in vehicles in over 15 countries

LENGTH800 mm – 2,430 mm (in increments of 10 mm)

HEIGHT127 mm

DEPTH149 mm

WEIGHT12.8 kg (5.3 kg per meter)

NOISE< 60 dB (PIEK certified)

ELECTRICAL POWER120 W (50 W per meter)

AIR FLOW36 m3 / min. (15 m3 / min. per meter)

Even during intense summer heat, the temperature in the trailer is well maintained. Luckily, there is no need for PVC strip curtains anymore. Quality controller at a leading Dutch food service company

When opening the deep- freeze compartment we see misty clouds rolling towards the exit, to be stopped by the BlueSeal air curtain. BlueSeal visibly keeps the cold in the trailer. Fleetmanager at French road transport company

We compared the BlueSeal air curtain to electric slide-curtains, and found BlueSeal to be more effective in maintaining the right temperature zones. It is also much more convenient, less fragile, and the investment cost is lower. General manager of a food wholesaler in Luxembourg

A selection of experienced installation partners

Bouwheer Zeewolde
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Twan Heetkamp Trailers
Interested in what the benefits of the BlueSeal air curtain are for your fleet, or for your customers? Feel free to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which lengths of air curtains are available for purchase?
We produce air curtains with lengths varying from 800mm to 2,430mm, in increments of 10mm.
Do air curtains fit in vehicles with roll-up doors?
Yes, we have a special mounting system for vehicles with roll-up doors. Please contact us for more information.
Can BlueSeal air curtains be installed above a side door?
Yes, the BlueSeal air curtain can definitely be installed above side doors as the 3D picture below shows. In this case the air curtain draws in inside air. The mounting plate (blue) is designed in such a way that the air curtain can be fixated to the ceiling and the wall. The connection cable can be positioned on the front side (as in the picture) or on the side of the air curtain.

Rideau d'air porte latérale

What is the warranty on BlueSeal air curtains?
BlueSeal air curtains have proven themselves as very durable and sustainable, so with great confidence we give a 2-year warranty on the product.
If one of the fans malfunctions, can I replace it myself?
It rarely occurs that a fan malfunctions. But in the unfortunate event it does happen, we’ll send you a replacement fan a.s.a.p. The air curtain can be opened easily and a new fan installed in a few minutes.
We use 12V dc batteries in our vehicle, can I get a 24V dc air curtain to work?
In the near-future we will be making a 12V version of the air curtain as well. In the meantime, the air curtain works flawlessly with 12V -> 24V converters. We can send you converters if you wish.
What is the typical shipping lead time of the air curtains?
The BlueSeal air curtain typically ships in 3-4 weeks.
As an end-user, can we install the air curtains ourselves?
In general, yes, it is easy to install the air curtain. However, it may be convenient to let your vehicle builder install the air curtain. They’ll know how to properly install the device.
What is the best way to connect the air curtain in order for it to switch on immediately when the doors are opened?
  • Tailgate or roll-up doors: If the vehicle has a tailgate or shutter door, it is easiest to connect the air curtain to the tailgate or shutter door, in such a way that when operated the air curtain switches on automatically.
  • Swing doors, no tailgate: We would recommend using a magnetic door switch in such a way that when (one of) the swing doors are opened, the air curtain switches on automatically.
What is the maximum inner height of the vehicle for the air curtain to be effective?
  • BlueSeal original: ca. 2.80m
Where can I find information on the performance of the BlueSeal air curtain?
We have made an overview of several tests done at customers, in which the performance of the air curtain is shown. Or you could have a look at the informative video.

Any other questions? Please feel free to leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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